Tuesday, October 8, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good Morning. On the 7:30AM into the City. Just barely missed the 7:20AM. Still have a black mark on my hand from the rubber guard of the closing doors.

Day Eight of the Shutdown of the “Greatest Country in the World”. It seems many of the major news outlets have reported that if the Senate approved Continuing Resolution, without the Obamacare riders, it would pass in the House of Representatives. Evidently, the Speaker of the House does not believe this. So, the CR is sitting on a desk in the Sub-Basement of the Capitol. In the presence of corroborating evidence, the SOTHOROTUS isn’t budging.

Right enough about that. Denny Hastert, former SOTHOROTUS (R-IL), or his son, is here. He’s about five seats back. He is very red, just back from a vacation or something. Portly, grey hair, thick glasses, grey tie, the former wrestling coach looks great for his age.

Sleeping Beauty is here. Her butter-blonde hair is cushioning her pretty little head from the uncomfortably hard vinyl bench sill. Her head is angled at 30°NNE. Her mouth, expertly painted with a muted peach/salmon colored lipstick, is agape. The warm pool of saliva is collecting under her tongue. You know what is gonna happen next, so I’ll just let you complete the image.

William H. Macy is here. The accomplished actor is seated along the window, reading a script for a shoot. Evidently he is playing a building inspector or mid-level office manager. I am sure the movie or TV project will be a great success.

Also here are Ban Ki Moon, Kiefer Sutherland, Lauren Graham, and Aziz Ansari. All are armed.

Don’t let politics get you down. Hug a Government (Furloughed) Employee.

Happy Tuesday. Safe Travels.

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