Wednesday, October 09, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting Chicago


Good afternoon. On the, strangely familiar, 3:55PM out of the City. End of Day Nine of the US Shutdown and one side is sounding sillier than the other.

You have a guy named Burr saying that not raising the Debt Ceiling isn’t a big deal. Don’t worry about it. You have Boehner and the House Republicans state that it’s POTUS’ Shutdown, when they instigated it, but instigated it after an agreement was already in place, negotiated by Harry Reid (D-Nv) and Boehner (R-OH) in June. House got a 30% Cut in Spending. Clean CR. Smooth sailing. The House Republicans changed their mind. Obamacare poisoned their thoughts, like pre-teens looking a video porn. How could Obama be so thoughtless as to run a perfectly good agreement from July 2013 with a law, that was passed in 2008, and upheld by SCOTUS? Damn you, POTUS, for poisoning a perfectly negotiated Budget Resolution with your five-year-old, pre-approved, bipartisan,  Socialist Policies! This is your fault!

Well, I digress. Two large troll looking men are sitting and chatting across the aisle and three seats back. One looks like a lawyer, the other a trader or fund manager. Fund manager is decidedly Sontaran or VladamPutin-esque. Big shouldered, bald head. They look like former high school football opponents.

There is an attractive young lady, she looks like a Selena Gomez type girl, who is on her cellular phone, chatting with her beau. Her heavily mascara-coated eyelashes are beating at various intervals that, in Morse Code, spell “Do Me Now, Big Boy”, except that its a voice conversation and not a video chat. It is likely that the beau on the other end is not conversant in Morse, or any other subtle form of communication, as Selena has stopped being coy and is explaining the concept of making reservations at the restaurant before picking her up. The fellow must have outstanding genes, and be highly pleasurable in bed, for her to be this patient with his obvious stupidity.

OK. Also here are Porkins from Red Squadron, Harvey Keitel, Clive Owen, Benched War Correspondent, and Dr. Oliver Sachs. All are armed.

Don’t let the repeated nonsense in the media distract you from the fact that there are coalitions who hate organized Government that have been voted into this Congress and they are revelling in the chaos as reasonable representatives and then vast majority look and wonder what the SOTHOROTUS is thinking.  It’ll get worse before it gets better.

In any case, Happy Wednesday. Stay Safe.

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