Thursday, October 10, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good afternoon. On the, late for me, 5:00PM express out of the City. End of Day Ten of the US Shutdown. This is just getting embarrassing.

What is the function of Government. If political rhetoric has devolved into “the Founding Fathers wanted/didn’t want” some tenant, let’s at least revisit the basic understanding that the function of government is to serve the citizens that are being governed.

That being stated, this shutdown is whether a fully vetted, enacted and adjudicated law is implemented. So far, one side isn’t allowing ANY governance unless this law, intended to serve the citizenry with accessible health care, is repealed. So now the government is shut down because a minority few believe government is over serving the citizenry? Right.

On enough of that. My father is sitting across from men in the jump seat. We are in the fourth or fifth car from the front of the train, in the direction of travel. He is more comfortable because a) a semi-attractive, intelligent looking Mia Farrow stunt double sat next to him and b) the rest of the car is filled with Desi’s, which reminds him of his first job as a railway engineer in India – designing and constructing rail lines, not driving the trains.

An animated discussion in loud and trilling Hindi is happening four seats away. From my brief understanding (my Hindi is horrible), the four gentlemen are discussing various honey do list items they have recently checked-off said list, and the skills required to perform these household upgrades, and the near-death experiences they incurred. Or, its a review/reenactment of the latest Shah Rukh Khan feature to hit the theaters. I can’t tell.

Also here are a Matrix renegade, a desi Garrison Keillor, Anthony Michael Hall, Tony Romo, and Emily Post. All are armed.

Don’t let the holier-than-thou, the ‘self-made’ anecdotes, the ‘all government is bad’ defeatists and the ‘they don’t deserve my hard earned tax dollars’ boosters bring you down. These are all distractions. The “proud to be strict constitutionalists” shut down the government by circumventing the Constitution they quote when it suits their needs.

If we prop up those who need it most, we can get our foundations and our middle class strength back in shape. Healthcare costs account for up to 30% of Chapter 11 Bankruptcies. This is a national problem.

Happy Thursday. Safe travels.

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