Friday, October 10, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the 7:20AM into the City. Day Eleven of US Shutdown. Well it’s a partial shutdown.

So now, the emphasis is on the partial shutdown. Not a complete shutdown. Non-essential services are still shut. FEMA for example. Food Inspectors. Many of those that ARE on the job are working for no pay because they have been drafted into service. I wonder how my pro-business friends would feel about working for free because their bosses are fighting but they told you you have to work for free or suffer dire consequences? There was a word for that in the mid-1800’s, still used today…what was it?

Anyway. Enough about my indignation. Teri Polo is here. I think she likes me. I say this because nowadays when she sees me, she smiles and says hello and, before going into silent-but-deadly mode, makes a remark about the weather or the draft in the train car. Familiarity. How nice!

Luther Vandross is here. The big beautiful baritone is sitting across the aisle. Its Friday and he’s going to his day job, so yes got on jeans and a striped button-down shirt. A green windbreaker covers the ensemble. He’s reading a book – a real book! – about jazz music. I’m hoping that he finishes with his day job, goes home, changes into. A sequenced, spandex disco suit and goes out and gigs every Friday. That’s where he really enjoys his work. Go Luther!

A frighting woman is sitting behind Teri Polo. She is the real-life embodiment of an aged up cabbage patch doll. She reminds me a bit of the bank teller woman from Minnesota that John Malkovic has to kill in “In the Line of Fire.” Or, a well dressed female version of Sam Kenison. She’s in a Sunday’s best peach outfit. I really need to wash my brain now.

Right. Not a well populated train today. Also here are Anderson Cooper, Patton Oswald, Andy Dick, Julie Kavner, and Mos Def. All are armed.

Talks. Both sides talked. I hope the POTUS and the SOTHOROTUS figured it out. We look stupid.

Oh. I will be on a special train next Thursday – back to the beginning of this adventure – and off the map next Friday.

Happy Friday. Safe Travels.

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