Monday, October 14, 2013 – Columbus Day -Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the, sparsly populated, 3:55PM out of the City.

A couple of administrative items. You folks may have noticed a few defining characteristics about this blog that I will define explicitly right now.
I use mobile technology to generate the posts. Sometimes in my enthusiasm for my day job, I forget to maintain that technology. Today’s post is being put together on an iReamInfernoNebula device. This device requires short-distance WiFi signal, vs the 16G-HVY cell signal connecting a phone/iCrackerBot device.

Also, as a reminder, all of the posts generated are done so from the time I sit down on the train to the time I finish, or when I am about to disembark. The prose is written, the tags are identified and an appropriate photo is downloaded from the Interwebspace to highlight or accent the decidedly drole narrative. This process leaves me very little time to edit the text or to appropriately cite photog sources. For this, I could use some help so I can widen the audience. The four of you that actually read this blog think it worthy of professional help. We’ll talk compensation later.

Its the End of Day Fourteen of the US Shutdown. I’ve come to realize how illiterate and ignorant the American public is about history and rhetoric. We quickly adopt the company byline. Politics has become a one issue/binary problem. Both sides, but decidedly the Republican side, has become opportunistic. Today we saw Veterans move barriers to the WWII memorial in DC, and then protest in front of the White House with a Union Jack flag (or a Confederate Flag), openly siding with a Sessesionist movement from 150 years ago.

Now, I know that the Far Right is Conservative and wants to preserve American values. Are they inferring that those American Values are anti-Union values? Were those heroes of WWII, whom the Right Wing Tea Party Republicans have taken the brand, aligning with breaking up the Union, again? Weren’t they fighting for Democracy and against Adolf Hitler? There aren’t many WWII vets left, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t fighting for the break up of the Union and the preservation of Slavery.

The party of Abraham Lincoln, Republican, Unionist. Let us not forget our History.

Benched War Correspondent, Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame, and Caucasian Barack Obama are here. A bunch of unidentifiable folk too. All are armed.

It is the height of jingism and hubris in Politics to base decisions on belief and not public trust.

Hapoy Columbus Day. Conquer a new world, but try not to do so with slavery and bio warfare. Try reasonable conversation.
Safe travels.

One thought on “Monday, October 14, 2013 – Columbus Day -Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago

  1. Anne

    The Union Jack is the british flag. It would be pretty hilarious if a bunch of tea-baggers flew it in protest however.


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