Monday, October 14, 2013 – Columbus Day – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good morning. On the, exploratory, 7:55AM into the City. There are plenty of worker bees and middle management staff begrudgingly ignoring the misplaced holiday commemorating the subjugation of the Native People of this great land by a greedy minority, hell bent on the search for power and riches and the enslavement of “lesser people” to further their ends.

And then we have Day Fourteen of the US Shutdown. No real progress will be made today, as it is a Federal Holiday, so even essential services are curtailed. Well, at least that will save the taxpayers money. I’m surprised Michelle Bachmann hasn’t spun this furlough to be an “extended holiday for our hardworking staff and a cost savings to the American Taxpayer. See, we’re thinking only of you!” Ah, her speechwriter has been furloughed.

Enough about that. CeeLo Green is here. He has his sunglasses on and is fast asleep, with his shaved head leaning up against the triple-pane, poly-carbonate safety glass. I wonder, is he thinking about beat tracks while he sleeps? And are they at a rhythm or tempo in-sync (heh) with the movement of the train? I wonder….

Wendy Davis is here. The diminutive, but enduring, Democrat from Texas, who has recently been anointed by Texas Dems as their candidate for Governor, is wearing a fabulous leopard print coat. Though a bit heavy for today’s weather, and given she is from Texas, one could understand the need for extra layers. I can’t tell if she’s wearing gym shoes or not.

Also here are a thin Matt Damon, Laura Dern, Michael Diamond, and Ron Kittle. All are armed.

Right. Stay vigilant. Don’t let inaction and hyperbole creep into the conversation. Be aware that in today’s headlines, it reads “Reid and McConnell are talking.” The main headlines is that two old white men are engaging in civil discourse. This reminds me of Facebook posts from toddler parents “Ohhhh! They started talking!”

Happy Monday. Go enslave a native and hand out diseased blankets. Safe travels.

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