Tuesday, October 15, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the, teetering, 3:58PM out of the City. The End of the Fifteenth Day of Shutdown. For 800,000+ Federal Employees, it’s dip-into-savings-time.

It must be hard to be an ideologue, a “true believer”, a Die Hard. I know this. I am a die hard Cubs fan. Being a die hard conservative is certainly more entertaining. You get to yell. You get to threaten. You get to scare. You’ve even got God on your side. That must be comforting. But, it also must be difficult to digest. To understand. To contemplate being wrong. To being a bully. To decide with your gut instead of your head. I don’t understand it frankly. Many of my conservative friends, and I have more than a few, like to laugh at me. Call me a “blind liberal”. Or “hippy idealist”. This name calling usually happens after I find, read and present findings of fact about an issue to these folks. Pah! Facts are meaningless.

I don’t understand it. I am also not as ready to agree to the Party byline (Democratic, Liberal, Communist, whatever) of either side. It turns out I can see what is wrong with both sides and come to a middle, some say progressive decision. Now I’m revoked by all my politically charged friends. That’s fine by me.

Enough about that, except that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) stunt double just sat down across the aisle from me. The handsome, Terrantino-like jawline of the man is striking. Dark blue suit with a pink silk tie decorated with Navy blue and white dots. A retro digital Timex from 1984 and brown shoes over black socks completes the ensemble.

He is looking at his iCrackerBot and is visibly annoyed. Oh. Candy Crush. Here I thought he was looking at polling data on the Shutdown. What was I thinking. Fox News has his back.

Also here is Sir Richard Harris, Benched War Correspondent, James Carville, and Dr. J-H, who is decidedly silent. All are armed.

Battery low again. Gotta switch out when I get home.

Happy Tuesday, Safe Travels.

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