Thursday, October 24, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good afternoon . On the 3:58PM out of the City. Let’s get right into it.

Frank Gorshin is sitting up top and looking at his iCrackerBot. He’s plugged in with the ear buds. Who is Frank Gorshin? He was one of the preeminent entertainers, character actors and mimics of the 1960’s through 1980’s or so. His claim to fame in popular culture was playing the very popular Riddler on the campy 1960’s “Batman” TV Show. Riddler was by far the more popular and more scary villains of that era of the Batman’s history.

Frank Gorshin’s Riddler laugh still haunts me today. If Central Casting at Desilu had any sense, and ever conferred with DC, Gorshin would have been the Joker and put Caesar Romero in the Riddler spot. Gorshin made Riddler infamous for a time.

Our Gorshin analog is watching Lois&Clark reruns on Netflix.

For those of you not comic book enthusiasts but are avid readers, give comic books and graphic novels a second look. In DC Universe, the Riddler was at best a second rate villain to the Dark Knight Detective. The Joker was always considered the deadliest, most insane, most creepy villain for Batman; some say in all of fiction. Gorshin could have done wonders to Joker that would have made Nicholson’s and Ledger’s renditions even creepier. Thankfully, Mark Hamill’s Joker form the 1990’s outstanding Batman-The Animated Series infused a bit of Frank Gorshin in the performance – Mark Hamill being the natural voiceover successor – and current reigning genius – to Frank.

Ok. Fanboy moment over.

Train just left the station. A slightly chunkier Hugh Grant is sitting two seats down and across the aisle. Given Hugh Grant’s open jihad against pavanatzis…, Pavarotti… no…paparazzi…

That’s It!…paparazzi, I wonder how he would feel about me making stuff up about a guy that looks like him only because I say this guy looks like him (Hugh Grant)? That is the riddle wrapped in an enigma! And I just made a JFK-Oliver Store reference two days after the fiftieth anniversary of the JFK assassination. Mind blown.

Bruce Jenner, just off of his 1977 Wheaties commercial tour, is here. He has sketch pad (a real one, not electronic) with the binding at the top instead of the sides, making copious notes. He is looking decidedly productive for 4:15PM on a Thursday. In a twitch of brain-reset, he deftly closed his pad, puts his analog system away, pulls out a d’Anjou Sky-Volume, logs in and, as the electronic device starts up right up against his denim covered man-privates, is busily cueing Rod Stewart on his iCrackerBot, connected to his head with certified iSpuds. The quasi-epileptic parts of my brain are already in Grand-Mal mode just watching this fellow. He is the fastest commuter alive.

And just like that, I made a Flash reference. My fanboy is sated.

Also here are Linda Carter, Dr. Jeckyl-Hyde, a very young Bill Cosby, young Jay Cutler, Sir Richard Harris, and Benched War Correspondent. All are well armed.

I’m staying home tomorrow to be my wife’s slave. I am looking forward to it.

Have a good weekend. Safe Travels.

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