Tuesday, October 29, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago




Good morning. On the, bundled, 7:50AM into the City. A full train.

I’m sitting in front of a brunette Selma Diamond. The diminutive, smoker-voiced bailiff from “Night Court” is reading a book on sales and salesmanship. I’m guessing she’s going back to school, which is admirable as the woman in front of me is easily in her mid-sixties. She’s wearing dark-blue jeans, a black down-layered jacket and is wearing silver rings. No gold. Silver earrings. Black classes. A serious woman.

If she is trying to go into sales and marketing, she doesn’t seem to have the general vibe for the job. The sales people and advertising folk that I know are generally more ebullient. Their vibe is much more inviting. Ms. Diamond here looks more like a closer. A results oriented, no nonsense, by the book sort of person. She doesn’t smile, or hasn’t yet.

For those of you who are classic Doctor Who fans, the Master is here. Roger Delgado played him, and a younger version of the man, looking well dressed, well groomed and sinister, is sitting two seats back along the window. His perfectly trimmed goatee and parted wave in his hair make him look perfect for galactic domination or hedge fund management.

Stephen Fry is here. The British satirist, comedian, actor and author is looking about the car, much like I am, to see what and sbo seems interesting. A music lover, Mr. Fry has on a large set of headphones that make him look slightly alien, but the music is very much self contained in the vacuum created around his ears by the soft padding. I can bear music coming from cheap headphones of other rider within the car, but not from his direction.

Right. Enough voyeurism for today. Also here are Valerie Bertinelli, Richard Kind, Ron Kittle, Leslie Nielson, and a Bouvier. All are armed.

Happy Tuesday. Safe Travels.

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