Monday, November 11, 2013 – Veterans Day – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. A reverential Veterans Day to you. I’m on the 7:22AM into the City. A lighter crowd than usual.

I was supposed to bring my children with me to work today. They were so excited last night. My wife reminded me late last night that I needed to be home with them by 3:30PM, which I could not guarantee. So, this morning I wrote them a note. I hope they understand.

These folks do not look happy to be working on a federal holiday. A blonde Claire Danes looking woman is seated about eight seats back. Well dressed and made up. If she was going to have to work then, by gum, she was going to look stunning while going to work! Claire is on her iCrackerBot, reading up on some issue or another sent by her boss, who is off on this Federal holiday.

At least one Gulf War 1 veteran, who reminds me of Bruno Kirby in “Good Morning Vietnam” is here. Wiry, sharp jawed, clean shaven, widow peaked, our former Captain is reading a gold embossed copy of the King James Bible, with a bookmark of an artists rendition of  Our Savior nailed to the cross. Sorry boys and girls, he is happily married.

A lord of the realm is here. A blonde, blue eyed, bearded fellow, mid-forties, with Simon Cowell’s hairdo and facial features, is sitting window side across the aisle and six seats back. He’s looking out the window. It is quite possible he is trying out for the next Star Wars (Episodes VII-IX) movies, as the casting directors are in town to screen candidates. Good luck, Lord Fauntleroy!

Also here are George Castanza, Tyler Perry, Wil Wheaton (present day), and two dejected Bears fans. All are armed.

A reverential Veterans Day. Thank you for your service.
Safe travels.

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