Thursday, November 14, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good morning. On the 7:50AM into the City the NFI is three.

I am in a good mood. I’m running late for my tastes, but for a good reason. My kids were up early, so as I was getting ready, I got a chance to chat with them. Also, my wife and I were doing some weekend planning. All the morning energy made me lose track of time, and I left my wallet, train ticket and portable media (thumb drives) full of info at the house. Grumbling, I get back home to a smiling, giggling family. I wanted to stay home but I’ve got work to do.

Enough Norman Rockwell. If I am not mistaken the Mayor Pradel of Naperville is sitting next to me in the jump seat in the quiet car. The fellow next to me is an older gentleman, mid 70’s, bum knee, cigar smoker’s cough, age spots on his pale face, white thinning hair. His large long sausage fingers are slowly poking at the 4″x 2.5″ touchscreen on his iCrackerBot. He has a large gold class ring on, either a college ring or a military ring, I can’t be certain. He is the most regal, authoritative yet doddering, looking person in the train car.

Valerie Plame is here. The ex-CIA agent who was outed by Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz is now, evidently, working as a National Security Consultant for various multi-national law firms and Corporations. You can see her periodically on the news talk circuit. Her blonde hair shines as the polarized sunlight beaming through the triple-pane safety glass bounces about her head. She also has a confidence about her that is more war-weary than Mayor Pradel. She looks business casual today. I bet she knows a number of different ways to kill her adversary if she needed to.

Also here are all three Supremes, Alyson Hannigan, Ken Watanabe, and  Corazon Aquino. All are armed.

Happy Thursday. Safe travels.

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