Wednesday, November 20, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago

Good evening. On the well padded 5:00PM out of the City. Pretty people stop and my stop. That’s it.

To those of you who are regular readers of this travelogue, thank you for your patience. I have been without my own iCrackerBot to input my observations. Over the previous weekend, after a back-and-forth shuttle fest between the Western Suburbs and regional airports in two States, I misplaced my device at a substandard family oriented pizza parlor while entertaining three young scholars just finishing some after school mathematics lessons.

I had to wait a few days for my replacement device to arrive. Upon arrival, I had to load the device with the necessary programs and tools. So, here we are.

Matthew McConaughey is here. The handsome fellow across from me is a reasonable look alike. Our commuter stud is wearing a white shirt, brownish-grey pants with pinstripes and black wing-tippy shoes. He sports a large wedding ring (tsk. too bad.) and two woven friendship bracelets. He is iDongled and listening to, what I assume to be, lectures on Scientology. Nothing else to report except that, though confident in my own selection of partner, I can’t help but to be curious as to the modelesqueness of the bearer of the matching ring.

Craig T Nelson of Coach fame is here. Big, bald, old and what I’d like to call “hrumphy”, Coach is busy playing the mobile version of College Fantasy Football Zombie Apocalypse on his iCrackerBot. He swears at the device under his breath, as his offensive line is totally dead.

Also here are Tony Shaloub, Goldie Hawn, Hillary Swank, and a young George Wendt. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday. Safe travels.

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