Friday, November 22, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good evening. On the 3:58PM out of the City. The NFI is 3. Conspiracy abound.

Dr. Jeckyll-Hyde is here. His far right bring is in full swing, yelling silently (yes, confusing, I know) at his other internal half about the absolute validity of the Warren Commission. He is un-phased by the major holes on in testimony from Jack Ruby, the Bisell Brothers (unrelated to vacuum cleaners), Clay Shaw, and Agent Hosty of the FBI. He is waxing rhapsodic about the events being held by the City of Dallas and how “overboard they are”. His far right brain whispers, silently, to the window wondering when President BHO will pay a visit.

At this point, his middle-right personality comes out of its shell and chastises his far right personality – all this being enacted towards the window – for the dangerous thoughts he is having. The death of any leader at the hands of an assassin, regardless of country of origin, is abominable. Election loss, even popular uprising is far more politically understandable in the modern age (post WWI) than outright assassination. The far right mind apologizes to the window and Dr. Jeckyll-Hyde looks uneventfully out the window, contemplating the demises of world leaders since November 1963, with historical curiosity.

Two mid level executives, both late-forties women, are seated in the jump seat with me, talking business. The lady across from me is the person responsible for the toys that get inserted into kids meals at multi-national fast food chains. The other is a manager in another division of the firm. No cards are exchanged. They are chatting about holiday plans.

Jack Black is seated three seats away and across the aisle. Very serious looking fellow. The anti-Black? John White, perhaps. He is not smiling. Actually, he looks like Robert Gullet, but not nearly as well dressed.

Also here are Bill Gates, Yao Ming, Carly Simon, Joan Jett, and Mark Zuckerberg. All are armed.

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