Friday, November 22, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good morning. On the motorcade-like 7:50AM into the City.

It’s been fifty years since the death of President John F. Kennedy. The once reviled “City of Hate”, Dallas, TX, is throwing a memorial event for the 36th President.

I am a skeptic that Oswald was the lone shooter. It has nothing to do with conspiracy theories. It has everything to do with the Zapruder film and the final shots. I am not going to use my short trip from the Western Suburbs to the City to retry the Warren Commission report. I believe that the Assassination was the seminal pivot point of American and World Power.

Well, enough social studies for the day. Brandon Routh is here. The Superman Returns star is successfully hiding in plain sight. Nobody notices him. Brandon is reading a script on his eReader. Evidently its for a role at the Steppenwolf. He hopes to score this role so that he can finally… finally… break away from the Superman thing. That was a mistake.

Kathy Bates is here. Blonde hair, the Oscar winner is wearing aemailse sweater. She has been letting herself go. Our doppelganger is a project manager or team leader for a large corporation. The logo for the company is on the iCrackerBot clamshell protector. She is reading her emails and not looking happy. She is texting the offending employee, ensuring that the minion is in her office as soon as she gets there so she can make the little peon cry like a baby. She may go so far as to sit on him to make sure he knows who’s boss. She finishes her text, puts a way the device, and closes her eyes. She has a look of peace and satisfaction on her face. Sometimes a show of force is both necessary and satisfying to maintain corporate compliance.

Also here are a young Yoko Ono, Aziz Ansari, Ron Kittle, and Winnie Mandela. All are armed.

Happy Friday. Keep vigilant. Safe travels.

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