Monday, November 25, 2013 – Incoming – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good morning. On the brine and basted 7:35AM into the City. I was at the station at 7:15AM, but I had to pick up a monthly ticket before I forgot about it. There were about another two-dozen intrepid co-commuters with the same idea, excluding the one-way riders and out-of town visitors. So, the 7:35AM pulled into the station just as I finished my transaction, allowing me to jump onto the rear quiet car. If you are envisioning a well dressed mid level executive waving out the door while gallantly hanging onto the door handle, Petticoat Junction style, you may continue to do so, though wholly inaccurate to what actually happened.

Mr. September is back. The creepy, yet decidedly handsome Observer from Fringe is seated four seats back. Creamy white bald head, white button down shirt, iCrackerBot connected. Evidently he is a hip-hop, spoken word fan, as he and I are listening to the same album – The Roots’ Do You Want More. He is mouthing the words, bopping his beautiful band head back and forth to Quest Love’s phat drum grooves, while taking in the morning financial reports coming in through his iCrackerBot DJE and NASDAQ subscriptions.

Also here is Thomas “Tom” McCarthy. You would know him as Kevin Riley on The Practice and Boston Public. He was also in Good Night and Good Luck, and is a go to writer/director for George Clooney. Anyway, there is a fellow who looks like him sitting across the aisle in the other jump seat. He has nice shoes. He’s drinking coffee. He is graying, regally.

Also here is Octomom, Tammy Faye Baker, and a young Jeff Goldblum. All are armed.

Taking the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving. Happy holidays to you and yours. Safe travels.

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