Thursday, January 16, 2014 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good afternoon. On the 3:20PM out of the City. I need to go home. Not feeling well.

Now, I’m not sick. I’m…off. Don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because my uncle just lost his Father-In-Law to illness. The man was young for today’s standard of living. Perhaps it was a slow day at work and I ended up looking at the news-nets and became overwhelmed with sadness.

Who’s to say that my wife and I go to a movie theater and in that time I get a series of texts from the babysitter about a developing issue?

This issue, happening during the preview, ires someone behind me and he’s so mad that, before I can leave the theater, he shoots me. After all, I’m a “foreigner” and don’t deserve to be in the company of civilized Americans.  I am the other. Keeps me up at night.

A young Robert DeNiro looking fellow is here, just off filming his parts for The Untouchables. He is growing his beard out, but is not quite back to his trim weight. Thing is, this fellow is in a suit and tie, but has an unkempt beard. He’s chatting up with a fellow commuter in the same seat. With the overgrown scruff, he looks like a used car salesman. Now, the beard might be in transition or something, but if he was interfacing with customers or clients in that nice suit, the least he could do was clean up the neck to accent the jawline and goatee portions, and shave the cheeks to clean up the look. Groom it, people!

Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) just left the train. He looked sad, in part because satirical information about his life and his principals are trumping his true message of hope as the savior for this great nation. He wants to be President. He looks Presidential. He was born in America. He has middle class values. But, he would have made a fabulous president to fight it out with Nixon for the GOP Primary in 1960 to take on that commie Kennedy. Now, he’s not. Sad, really.

Speaking of RINO’s (which I wasn’t until I typed it), Ronald Reagan, Jr. is sitting up top, napping. He just had a CAT scan done at a well regarded university hospital to see if he is showing signs of brain plaques that Papa POTUS had towards the end of his life. He’s tired. More Sudoku and general fitness should help, RR,Jr.

Also here are Jonothan Brandmeier, A-Rod, and Harold Ramis. All are armed.

Happy Thursday. Safe travels.

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