Tuesday, January 21, 2014 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good afternoon.

On the old is new 3:58PM out of the City. The NFI is 3.

Some editorial work first. You may have noticed that all of the posts to date have #trainspotting#Chicago embedded either in the title, the tags, or in other references. No more! Y’see, originally, these observations were a running thread on FB. The thread for that trip was then shared on Twitter with hashtags. I just assumed to reference the title with the hash tag for the three twit fans in my group (love you guys!) No more!

Starting tomorrow, the hashtags will be removed from the title. It will be (Day & Date) – (Inbound or Homeward Bound) – trainspottingChicago. Relax. It’ll be fine.

Oh. Also something new – I am not sitting in the lead car anymore! I am about five cars back. This will get me out of the car and to the staircase leading to the underground passage beneath the rails to the other side of the tracks and to the large, impressive parking lot to my new parking space.

A fellow who reminds me of Timothy Geithner sat down in front of me. The shirt is Brooks Brothers button down collar, baby blue, and if you look close enough, you will see a symmetrical grid pattern of slightly darker blue and faint gold-yellow thread, evidently the bling-colors for the 1%’ers. His brownish black hair is graying at the sides, giving him a distinguished youthful look. The tie is a diagonal pattern that looks like a gold ladder (natch) while the negative space is black. Platinum wedding band (sorry boys and girls) and a big-faced watch with one big dial and three smaller dials. The smaller dials are sat-synched with the NYSE, NASDAQ, and FTSI desks of the Firm. Right now they are steady. Whew. He has a space between his front teeth and big ears. Oh! How quaint! He’s a crackerberryhead! Enterprising!

Also here are a Desi version of John Belushi in a Chicago Bears down jacket, Steve Martin, a Filipino nun, and Bob & Doug McKenzie. All are armed.

More soon. Happy Tuesday. Safe travels.

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