Wednesday, January 22, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago



Good afternoon. On the crowded 3:58PM out of the City. The NFI is 3. Quite a diverse group of co-commuters today!

As part of repositioning myself relative to my new parking spot at the suburban station, I have been searching for the “sweet spot” that gets me close to the exit and on my way under the tracks, up the other side, and safely to my ride. Today I am in the fourth car from the end (in the direction of travel). What a different eight cars make!

There’s a fellow that looks a lot like Mike Wolfe from American Pickers here. He’s got a scruffy beard – not quite hipster – and a nondescript black overcoat from Old Navy or something. He is on a laptop computer, focused intently on scrolling and clicking with the touchpad and buttons. He is wearing one of those silly Bluetooth ear bud doodads, which are mandatory headgear if you are driving your car now in the State and have a cell phone. His blue jeans are more gray. He’s not a banker. Perhaps he’s hacking into Snowdon’s accounts so he can out hack the Snow-job? Anything is possible when our data is so free to access.

In contrast, there is a strong, well built, well dressed Ving Rhames/Quincy Jones looking fellow sitting in the opposite jump seat and facing the direction of travel. This fellow is all style and business. He’s got a black suit, suit jacket, silver-black striped tie, matching handkerchief in the breast pocket of the suit jacket and clean shoes. Clean shoes? How in the name of Red Skelton did he get on the train with clean shoes in this weather? His overcoat is a cream colored camel hair duster with a gold lapel pin on the left. The brown fedora and leather gloves complete the man’s outfit. Nobody in the car, including the women, are better dressed for success. The whole image is set by the man’s aloof confidence as he fields phone calls and checks his emails on his iCrackerBot.

Also here are Richard Clarke, John Leguizamo, Mrs. Landingham, and Michael Phelps. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday. Stay warm. Safe travels.

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