Thursday, January 23, 2013 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago

kevin-james-wallpaper-1355359834 936full-robert-townsend 129771161ED044_DROID_RAZR_BGood morning.

On the happenstance 7:44AM into the City. This should have been the 7:30AM, which arrived at 7:35AM, and because of a malfunctioning door (for which I am grateful and took full advantage), it left late.

I am on the fourth car from the direction of travel in a jump seat. Being used to the quiet car during the morning rush, the people here are cacophonous! There are three people sitting in the opposite jump seat. The largest of them looks like Kevin James of King of Queens, talking to the others about home improvements.

The woman of the group reminds me of Terry Gross of NPR, more because of her voice. She’s got a lilt in her voice or a cadence similar to the popular interviewer. She is otherwise somewhat nondescript – brownish blonde hair that needs styling, black overcoat, bright aqua-blue scarf, noncommittal laugh to signal participation in the conversation. The other fellow looks like a bearded Bob Harper from Biggest Loser, but with dark brown hair and jawline beard.

A heftier Julia Sweeney is here. The former SNL player, famous then for her gender unspecific “Pat”, and now for her one-woman-show about her perspectives, is actually not sitting two seats over and across the aisle. This woman looks like her and really is well bundled. Her brown spiky hair and steel ball bearing earrings are nice. She is very aware of her surroundings, checking me out immediately as someone who is taking an inordinate interest in her and the rest of the train car occupants.

Also here are Judge Andrew Napolitano, Robert Townsend, David Duchovny, and a hipster. All are armed.

Happy Thursday. Stay warm. Safe travels.

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