Wednesday, January 29, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspotting Chicago




Good afternoon. On the, late but productive, 4:30 out of the City. The NFI is 3.

There is a fellow here with the most beautiful beard I have seen in a while. A refined, well groomed Zach Galifanakas. Our model has (I presume) soft brown-auburn hair. Without the beard, he’d be a shoe-in for Stephen Collins’ Hugh Sloan from All the President’s Men. But with the beard, he is the poster child or lead actor for a modern interpretation of Red Badge of Courage. I just want to reach across the aisle and touch the well trimmed facial do. Simply outstanding.

A Shelly Duvall look alike is here. Our esteemed actress doppelganger is a bit more filled out than the wiry thin actress, best known for her spot on rendition of Olive Oyl in Popeye. Yes, she was excellent in Kubrick’s The Shining as Wendy Torrence, too. This woman, sitting three seats away and across the aisle, was a nervous wreck a few minutes ago. Her blonde hair flailing about as she was increasingly concerned that she lost her ticket. Thankfully for her self esteem and blood pressure, her ticket was found just as the large, Hutt-like conductor ambled by, asking for tickets.

Bob Hannity, Sean Hannity’s older brother, is here helping the Fox pundit scope out new places to live, since he was emotionally aggrieved by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s radio remarks stating that conservatives ought to leave NY State, as their political agendas of intolerance to gays, women, and blue collar issues are not welcome in the State. He openly declared that he will leave the Empire State. His brother is here scoping out homes in the Red Collar counties outside the City.

Also here are Che Guevara, Max Headroom, two Hufflepuffs, Jack Warden, and Don Cheedle. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday. Stay warm and dry. Safe travels.

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