Thursday, January 30, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago



Good afternoon.

On the well balanced 3:55PM out of the City. The NFI is 2.

I’m in a jump seat, sixth car from the back (in the direction of travel), and excited about my ride. I am energized because I got a lot of work done today and I feel energized.

I was kicked out of the other jump seat. A large, ex-football offensive lineman from a traditionally Irish Catholic College circa 1962, was seated in the opposite jump seat, facing the direction of travel, and along the window aisle.

In these circumstances, I politely ask “May I sit down?” If I get a response like “Sorry, but I’m expecting someone to join me,” I see if there is another space and I move there. I did, so I moved. In this case there was a woman sitting across the aisle, aisle seat, sitting in the direction of travel. This woman is easily 300+ pounds, wearing a black overcoat and blue jeans and a excellent Gucci knockoff bag. I asked her “May I sit down?” to which she replied “Be my guest!” and asked if she needed to move her knees out of the way. How pleasant! She is a woman of obvious taste and discretion.

The linebacker? A taller, less attractive, thuggish looking IT-Desi fellow, continuously chatting on his iCrackerBot through the earphone-microphone plug-in, sat next to him. Because IT didn’t ask, there was no response from Linebacker. Linebacker realized he may have made a mistake not letting me sit.

Across from IT sits a John Cusack -“Say Anything” clueless looking suburban white-boy. John is on his iCrackerBot, listening to Bieber or The Hanson Brothers greatest hits. Neither of these two seem to know Linebacker. Curious.

It’s very comfortable in this jump seat. You see, the hefty pleasant woman is of African American extraction. Many of the passengers are uncomfortable wanting to share space with a large regal black woman. I just asked to sit down. She seems to think I am a pleasant fellow.

There is another fellow here, one seat back, who reminds me of a lightweight class fighter from South Boston. Thin lipped, short cropped, widows peaked hair. Very wiry, very on edge. I want to give him a mafiosi nickname like “Knuckles” or “Twitchy Redman” or “Mouser”. Thankfully he’s asleep. Awake, the man’s nerves make me edgy.

Also here are Carl Sagan, Delroy Lindo, Mariska Hargitay, Bill Belichek, The Commish, and Tom Brokaw. All are heavily armed.

Watch your backs. Its shoveling time again in the Suburbs. Stay safe.

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