Thursday, January 30, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning. On the 7:20AM into the City. Front quiet car. I woke up early.

Actually, I had a bit of a restless sleep. I had this surreal dream that my wife and I were having dinner with Frank Sinatra. It was the mid-1950’s Vegas. She was in a gorgeous sari. I was in a tuxedo. Frank leaned into me and whispered in my ear. He said these to important things. “You need to play music again” and “You need to go pee now.” I woke up suddenly. He was right. I went to freshen up and, realizing it was about my time to wake up anyway, I went through my morning routine.

Enough about my dreams. Teri Polo is here sitting across the aisle from me. We are both facing the crowd. She’s got on a black Navy Midshipman’s coat, khaki slacks and comfortable boots. She’s napping, hugging her iconic Cubs backpack as she dreams of the 1904 World Series when the Cubs won against the Syracuse Sea Lions. Who are we kidding? They lost that one to a tipped foul ball that was ruled a home run! Teri is fidgeting in her seat.

Rob Corddry is here. The bald comedian and actor is sitting in the aisle seat some eight rows back.

He’s auditioning for a part in a slapstick bank heist movie where he, as part of the gang of misfit robbers, poses as a new hire and gets the job. His trainer at the bank is this pretty young woman (currently Jennifer Laurence and Jessica Alba are in the running) and he soon falls in love. He then has change of heart and with Jennifer’s/Jessica’s help, plans a separate equally slapstick scheme to catch the robber gang in the act.
Rob is reading the lines quietly to himself.

Also here are the Shah of Iran’s nephew, Zachary Quinto, Kim Jong Il, and Hector Alonzo. All are armed.

Happy Thursday. Safe travels.

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