Wednesday, February 5, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago




Good morning.

I’m on the slightly tense 7:55AM. Its a full blown snowgasm today. Six inches of Old Man Winter coat the area like a multiple homicide crime scene.

Tensions are high. I live roughly six miles from the station. It took me forty minutes to reach the station. I should have been on the 7:30AM.

Though I am in the front quiet car, the foyer of the car, which is the entrance and exit for both halves, is a place to make noise. There is a completely disgruntled woman who’s voice can be heard through the closed automatic doors, complaining to the conductor (my buddy, Steve) about how another conductor did not allow her to enter the train from the leeward card entrance. She wants to confront this other conductor, a wiry Latino fellow who easily could be a Shark from West Side Story. In fact, I’m hoping they’ll have an dance battle in the foyer to resolve the disrespect issue.

I am sitting in a jump seat with three Portuguese women. I am presuming they are Portuguese, because they aren’t speaking Spanish or Greek or French.

Then young lady of the group looks like a very young Janeane Garofalo. Her mother is more Sonia Braga looking. The friend/aunt sitting next to me reminds me of a Bernstein Bear.

As soon as the train started, Janeane and Sonia whipped out their makeup kits. Janine had something called “Sexy Smoky” and it ended up being eye shadow. An excellent choice. Sonia had a special portable kit with all sorts of colors and appliques, issued by Coco Channel or someone from “Q” branch of MI6.

Also here are Hannibal Lechter, Issac Asimov, Gary Busey, and Veronica Mars. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday. Keep shoveling through it. It’ll be over soon.
Safe travels.

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