Wednesday, February 12, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago

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Good morning. On the bright and early 7:20AM into the City.

Two-hundred and five years ago, or ten-score and five years ago, Abraham Lincoln was born. Forty-nine years ago, my parents got married on this day. My favorite President and my favorite parents on the same day. Its a good day.

Well, enough mushy stuff. There’s a fellow up top who looks like George Plimpton. The well renowned author, sports enthusiast, political commentator, and sometimes actor is listening to his iCrackerBot. This fellow is a younger version of the esteemed Ivy Leaguer. Oh, he’s elected to put away his small device and whip out his big laptop and start typing out his thoughts. Unfortunately, the design of this model is such that the WIFI transponder, using similar microwave frequencies as a microwave oven, is pressed right up against his Plimpton. I hope he’s wearing his lead lined longjohns.

Chi McBride is here. The veteran actor from many TV serials and a few movies is asleep next to the emergency window. He’s dreaming about his time as an assistant principal in an inner-City school and leaving that stressful, unfulfilling, emotionally draining job for the pleasant boredom of index fund trading. He smiles in his sleep.

Also here are Patrick Kennedy, Dolf Lungren, a young Erik Estrada, and Christopher Walken. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday to you. Safe travels.

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