Friday, February 14, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning.

On the lovely 7:20AM into the City. The air is thick with love! Aphrodite’s Day. Cupidicious!

Yesterday, I mentioned the fellow who looks like Robert Krulwich from ABC News and Radiolab. He’s here again and I’m taking a second look at this fellow. He’s an amalgam of different folk, as all people are. When he turns his head to the right, his profile reminds me of Ron Pearlman from Hellboy. He looks straight at me from his seat. He is not being subtle about his curiosity at all. I half expect him to put up a Moe Howard like eyepoke gesture and sign the universal signal of “I’m keeping my eye on you, pal!” at me, or hand me his business card with a room number and a time. It is Valentine’s Day, after all, and I am wearing a derby.

Another regular on the train is a blonde late-thirties looking woman, married, mother of two teenagers, who looks like Alicia Silverstone. Alicia here has her (very nice) brand name handbag. It’s casual Friday at the office, where she has risen quickly to office manager and hovermom for the upstart ambulance chasers and class action specialists. Her black parka has real brown and black wolf fur, but she tells everyone that its fake hair, so as not to garner undue attention. She has a pretty face. She is reading from her eReader device. There is more to her story that I need to suss out, but not now.

Also here are Austin Goolsbee, a pre-wheelchair Steven Hawking, and both Patty and Selma Bouvier. All are armed.

Happy Friday. Happy Valentine’s Day. Safe travels. Wear protection.

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