Wednesday, February 19, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspotting Chicago



Good afternoon. On the 3:15PM out of the City. A bright afternoon.

People seem to be a bit cheerier with the dramatic one day temperature jump. Forty-eight hours ago, the temperatures barely hit 20°F in the sun. Today it is some thirty degrees higher, at 51°F. The temperatures are expected to drop again over the coming weekend. My children aren’t this moody on a bad day!

Well, enough about the weather. Justin Beiber’s stunt double is here, visiting his parents in the suburbs. This will be the last time our surrogate will see his parents. In a judge’s-chambers, out-of-court grand plea bargain, our young friend here, seated two seats back and along the aisle, will take the place of the young Deva (or is it divon?) for his various crimes, including drunk driving, property damage (auto), and public nuisance violations in various (heh) States of the Union.

This arrangement allows the real Bieb to be free and continue his retirement from the music industry in peace while the surrogate does six months of hard labor in the clink. For this service, our traveler, who is smiling as he takes the train home, will earn a lot of money for his family, a full ride to college and (if accepted) post-collegiate programs, and a startup fund when he finally gets out of prison-school-prison. Good luck, bizzaro-Bieb!

There is another fellow who reminds me of Michael Chiklis of “The Commish” fame. The big, bald, blanched bruin broods about an unbearable beet based broth boiling because Abby boasted, brazenly, “Baby, these beets are the bomb!” Oh boy.

Also here are three suspicious characters, two Buddhist monks, and a Keith Partridge. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday. Safe travels.

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