Friday, March 7, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago


Good morning.

On the 7:30AM into the City. This will be brief, mainly because I didn’t plug my iCrackerBot into the wall socket last night. I am at ~10% Power, which means every virtual touchpad keystroke costs me a microjoule of power. I will plug in when I get to the office.

I was in networking and professional development meetings in the suburbs these last two days and, therefore, not on the train.

Young Spencer Tracy is here. His brownish red hair is sufficiently infused with product so as to look like he just got out of bed. He did this on purpose.

Also here are a Brad Pitt-Matt Damon amalgam (they all look alike to me) with an ascot for a scarf, Eaton-ly tied. He’s wearing a camel-hair beige coat and seems ready to get out of the Eggs and back into the City for some Friday partying. Who cares if it’s early in the morning? It’s Happy Hour somewhere on the planet!

Also here are Handsome Observer from Fringe, Joachim Phoenix, Scott Caan, and Frank Underwood’s enforcer. All are armed.

Happy Friday. Safe Travels.

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