Tuesday, March 25, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning. On the chilly 7:32AM into the City. Hi!

I didn’t sleep well last night. The meeting that I missed yesterday, though rescheduled, still bothered me. I ended up sitting at my desk in my bedroom, while my wife fitfully slept (as she likes having me next to her when she sleeps {blush}), and sketching some detail drawings on graph paper for the meeting I DID go to and have drawings due really soon. I will scan these sketches and have one of the eminently more proficient CAD professionals make up the drawing and incorporate it into the final package. I’m the only one (heh) losing sleep over this missed meeting. At least I was productive.

Well, enough about my woes. The pretty people just boarded. You may recall that I took note of a woman a few weeks ago that I felt needed some exposition. Tall, her long brown-red hair pulled back and tied into a braided ponytail. She is wearing a red-plaid overcoat over a zipper-turtleneck sweater that goes up to her chin. She has a Pippi Longstocking, bucktoothed smile that accentuates her charm. She seems genuinely pleased to be alive and starting her day. She is currently reading a book. She has a long face and angled features, but with slightly dimpled cheeks and full lips as she drinks coffee from a thermos travel mug. She is pretty.

Also here are Louis Armstrong, Stanley Tucci, a bearded Mark Zuckerberg, and Nurse Ratchet. All are armed.


Happy Tuesday. Safe travels.

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