Thursday, March 27, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning. On the drizzly and dank 7:35AM into the City. The NFI is two.

The attractive bucktoothed woman is back. Her hair is down. Her face has a strange mix of Jessica Alba and Alanis Morrisette. She’s wearing a denim jacket, brown leggings or skin-tight pants and boots. I am guessing, though I may be wrong, that there is a mini-skirt somewhere there. It would be in poor taste to check. She has her prerequisite thermos and black backpack. She’s on her iCrackerBot, pouting, which she then stashes in her bag. She is reading a book with a dustcover. The book is big with at least 600 pages, but she is near the end of the tale. She must be twenty-five or older.

Jane Alexander is back. She is chewing gum. That’s too bad. I find that watching someone chew gum is distasteful. It doesn’t enhance an adult’s natural beauty. Though, chewing gum could  be a coping mechanism for quitting smoking or impulsively talking out loud in the quiet car.

Up top, there is a nervous looking forty something pressing his fist, specifically the meaty side of the longest third of his index finger, to his front teeth as he looks out the window. He’s got a bit of a Jeff Goldblum mixed with Robert Blake with a Brian Seltzer rockabilly hairdo. Very post collegiate looking. V-neck sweater over baby-blue button down and navy blue slacks. I wonder what’s bothering him? Gonna get fired? Jonesing for more True Detective episodes? Knocked up a mistress? Who knows.

Also here are a young Alan Dulles, a Desi Jimmy Fallon, Ned Beatty from Deliverance, and Mean Joe Greene. All are armed.

Driving in tomorrow for site visits, but I’ll be here this afternoon.

Happy Thursday.  Safe travels.

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