Friday, April 4, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago




Good afternoon.

On the blustery 3:55PM out of the City. The family crowd leaving the Opening Day game are here. Disgruntled. Wet. Drunk. My people. The NFI is five.

I am going to a family friends house for dinner. Family friend is a bit too dry. They have been confidants, counsellors, and at times coconspirators to many an academic and intellectual venture. We will be discussing some of my crazy ideas about science education and coming up with turning those ideas into something deployable. And meaningful. And … perhaps profitable? We’ll see.
Skills to pay the bills.

A good day. I got to hire someone today. I always feel happy when I get to hire or start a team member on something new. I also realized I have more AutoCAD savvy than for which I originally gave myself credit. I will, to the dismay of my wife, have to work late tonight and tomorrow to get the original “base files” set up and distributed for use.

My weekend will include work, science, mentoring, pronouncing at another Spelling Bee event, and talking to friends. I have a full rich life.

Well, enough about my gloating. Let’s see who is aboard and about the train car.

Dame Maggie Smith is seated in the jump seat across the way, along the window facing the movement of the train car. Dyed reddish-brown, thinning hair, in a bun located exactly 45° from the centerline of her mouth at the back of her head, Professor McGonnagall is on her newfangled muggle device, attempting to contact a fellow member of the Order about her whereabouts. She could just easily have disapperated from the station, but evidently she is on a super special secret mission to track a fellow wizard or witch who is disguising themselves as a muggle and is on this train. In this car.

Perhaps it is the Jake Gyllenhall looking fellow seated next to her. Jake, though a possible evil wizard, is not quite adept at detecting other wizards in a muggle-based scenario. His wand must be in his valise/attaché case. The dummy. He’s been around muggles so much that he’s forgotten his basic security protocols. McGonnagall is going to totally gobsmack this dumb Squibb. (Though, he is quite good looking.)

The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is on the train. This very large, probably beer-sodden fellow is in full Chicago Cubs regalia. The official cap, jersey and rain jacket must have cost him at least one weeks pay. His jawline is resting on a healthy cushion of internal gel comprised of chicken wing fat, unmetabolized glucose that’s been converted to glycogen, and undigested pectin from the seven pints of apple-cider-ale he drank at the Opening Day festivities. He’s so plastered that his wife is seated in front of McGonnagall in the jump seat. Stay-Puft is seated next to an asleep but constrained Bald Chintee Flea.

Also here are the Griswalds, Paul Sorvino, Timothy Leary, and John Cusack. All are armed.

Happy Friday. Happy Birthday, KN! Safe travels to all.

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