Monday, April 7, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning.

I’m on the late-for-me 7:55AM into the City. I was supposed to take some musical artists to the airport this morning as a favor to the volunteer organization my wife supports, but she got me out of it. And, bed was comfortable.

You folks may recall that I was meeting on Friday evening with some close friends to talk about Science. I am planning to start a one-week (five day) science club for kids ages 6-10. The intent is to teach children to think scientifically; To think reasonably and critically. I will throw some classical physics, basic chemistry, botany and ecology at them as well, but for the most part it’ll be discovery. Ten students. I hope this works!

Well, enough about my ideas.

For the six of you that have been reading this blog for awhile, you may remember Jacqueline Kennedy, who last we saw her taking the train was very pregnant. Well, she’s post-partum and back to work, on her Bell Laptop and iCrackerBot. She’s retained only a hint of gestation fat from the pregnancy, mainly around her jawline, but is otherwise as tall and Camelotish as we left her. Her long brown hair, though combed, is tucked behind her ears and drapes down to her chest. She is wearing a black overcoat and black leather boots that look more Space 1999 than Desperado. She has a really loud purse – bright yellow with various patterns, as if designed by Jackson Pollak with a stomach flu. It’s good to see a familiar face.

Ron Kittle is here. The retired White Sox slugger is in his late fifties now. He put down his baseball bat and is a retail manager at one of the department stores in downtown. He’s wearing a red, Fred Rodgers like cardigan and reading a book (an actual book!) He emotes while he reads, and evidently the main character of the story is experiencing some lower G.I. issues, based on the fluctuating facial expressions.

Also here are Tony Montagna, Chaz Bono, a Desi Tony Danza, and Gen. Colin Powell. All are armed.

Happy Monday. Safe Travels.

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