Tuesday, April 8, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago




Good afternoon.

On the 3:20PM out of the City.

Another busy day. I spent the morning solving other people’s problems, delegating work to better draftspeople, recalculating design estimates, and fielding questions requiring answers. Another day in the middle of a white collar firefight. After a brief lunch at my desk, I walked (yay!) to a meeting at a well known high rise building complex along the waterfront. I left early. My children have a thing to be at this early evening. There are just more important things to attend to. There are very smart coworkers taking care of the details. I made my presence felt and left.

Enough about my power over people.

Sarah Palin (or is it Piper? Or Crystal? – a Palin (not Michael)) and Linda Tripp are sitting two seats over, thick as thieves. Linda is in a sea-blue overcoat that is visually distracting. Sarah (or Crystal or Piper) looks stunning in her power jawline and ready for TV Interview look.

Evidently the two on-airs are coworkers and now kvetching about, of course, office politics. Evidently a heretofore missing coworker, Tonya Harding, has gone past the usual chain of command and done something that has caused some consternation within the project team because of the lack of communication and that the obvious attempt to garner attention has backfired. Now the whole project team is involved in fixing the consequences of Tonya’s actions. Tonya has been temporarily ostracized. She is still competent enough to retain her post, but she’s currently in the penalty box.

Also here are John Malkovich, Hulk Hogan sans mullet, Allison Janney, and a young Sean Astin (think Rudy). All are armed.

Happy Tuesday. Safe travels.

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