Wednesday, April 16, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago



Good afternoon.

On the 3:18PM out of the City. I got a call today from my family. There was a change of plans and my Sister-In-Law and her family will need a ride to the airport. I wasn’t too busy, so I said yes.

Not my usual group of riders. Remember the shape shifter assassin from Star Wars Episode II that tried to off  Amydala, which instigated the early onset chase seen in Coruscant? Well, that woman is here. She has blonde hair and has not quite taken to her current form. She is stretching her mouth to the right side of her face. The current humanoid form is bothering her. She is more used to a longer snout like jaw and the eyes farther up and forward on her forehead. The central breathing and scent-sensor apparatus that is regionally called a “nose” is static and, to her, completely useless. Her hair is up on a high-mounted bun axial to the desired centerline of her mouth. She has now had to use an end appendage – finger – and is inserting this into the orifice to adjust the area and make it more stable. Damned humanoid forms. So structurally weak!

A male relative of the great Sam Donaldson is here. The fellow has taken on an early-60’s Sam D. look. For those of you who remember a less polarized time in journalism, where news producers and directors were more interest in presenting and analyzing facts than presenting pop culture unsubstantiated hypotheses as news, Sam was a conservative, but honest, broker of news on television. Our fellow is also well versed in the news both past and current, and would look wonderful on network news in the field as explosions, or better still summary executions, are occurring in the background. He would be a serious, handsome, and slightly older purveyor of happenings that can be presented and reacted to in thirty-second sound- and visual-bites.

Also here are Timothy Leary, Jimmy the Greek, Simon Figg, Angela Landsbury, and Mario Vitale. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday. Safe travels.

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