Thursday, April 17, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago




Good afternoon.

It’s nice to type that out.

I’m on the tried and true 3:58PM out of the City. What a fascinating group of people today.

A living embodiment of Henry Hill of “King of the Hill” cartoon fame is here. Rectangular prism of a head. White undershirt pristinely clean, blue jeans, boots, and even a beer are compliment the propane provocateur. He’s reading the now flimsy version of a popular weekly news magazine that has since turned into printed sound bites and weekly news schlock of 150 characters or less. The brownish-blonde hair is visibly receding even as I type letters into the iCrackerBot, as if his hair is like a prairie burn. Good luck with the “Oarloss” cream, Hank.

Peter Jackson is here. The Oscar nominated, self proclaimed Hobbit-stretcher is asleep, just finishing the final CGI touches on the ultra-extended directors cut edition where he finally explains, through the magic of movies and New Zeal, how long it took for Smaug the Maleficent to digest Thorin’s Aunt Threetle, including a documentary like (heh) analysis, hosted by none other than David Attenborough, of the final waste pellet of Aunt Threedle generated by the cavernous digestive tract of the Desolationist of Dale.

In all seriousness, there is an Oriental woman who looks to be in her early fifties from whom I cannot take away my gaze. She is not necessarily pretty or modelesque, but due to the way she did her makeup (or touch up), she looks like a victim of domestic abuse. Her right eye, underneath the socket, looks puffy, though this could be due to allergy season. Her left eye does not look equally inflamed, but just at the cheek bone, there is a rouge mark – from this distance it looks like a bruise. I cannot immediately see a twin for the mark on the right side of her face. She is diminutive, in keeping with the genetics of her ancestors. Her hair is cut boy short, and as if it was done at home and not by a trained professional hairstylist.

Hmph. Perhaps I notice too much detail that I lose myself, and forget that sometimes a bad makeup and hair job is nothing more than a bad makeup and hair job.

Also here are Regina King, Bald Chintee Flea, Escaped Union Soldier, Edward Snowden, Steve Rogers, and Timothy Geithner. All are armed.

Happy Wednesday. Safe travels.

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