(Good) Friday, April 18, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning and Good Friday to all.

I’m on the unobservant 7:30AM into the City. Thank God for the Godless. It seems that there are a lot of penitent riders on this train, as these good Christian folk are not here going to work, but instead spending the day contemplating nailing the Messiah. Happiness to my Easterner readership. You two have a good weekend.

The train just left the very very nice town station and is on its way into the City. Judy Baar Topinka, the Comptroller for the State of Illinois, is here. Evidently there is no rest for the political Christian, as she is on her way to look at the stack of unpaid bills the State has amassed, and start praying. Her violently orange-red hair is in a short crop style that looks a lot like a helmet. The front of her hair hangs over her brow. The sunglasses add a mysterious effect to her overall look. She’s wearing a conservative knee-high skirt and black hose or leggings. Very pro-forma.

A young James Woods is here. He is about eight seats back and looking out the window, yet holding up his iCrackerBot a half-an-arm’s distance from his face, glancing for a new text or bit of reply from whomever is on the other end. As he looked away from the device and out the window, he took a few moments to insert the first half – say, midway between the top and middle knuckle – of his left index finger into the clogged recess of his left nostril. He proceeded to rotate the semi-spelunked digit, with a vigorous circular motion, in an aerobic effort to dislodge the boulders of accumulated mucus found within. Satisfied with the results of this phase, and taking a brief moment to examine the cling-ons extricated from his effort, he inserted the prodigious finger, at about the same level, into his right nostril and continued the demolition operations.

Just after this public display of nasal hygiene, the iCrackerBot in his right hand must have presented him with a new request for his input, to which he diligently complied using the index finger of his left hand.

Also here are Lou Reed, Meghyn Kelly, and Anil Kapoor. All are armed.

Happy Easter and Blessed Passover to all.
Have a Good Friday.

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