Tuesday, April 22, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago


Good morning.

On the 7:55AM into the City. I woke up later than I wanted to. Also, I’m moving around more slowly than I care to.

For the two of you not on my FB thread, I tore a muscle in my (left) quadriceps, which though not worthy of a cast or wheelchair, is immediately quite a torturous experience. I knew it would get better over time, but my family insisted I see my GP, who for a $25 copay, told me to be more careful and for another $8, go to the pharmacy and purchase a compression wrap/bandage. I thanked him for his insight, got the bandage, and have been healing slowly ever since.

The quiet car is fast becoming my Lake Woebegone. Its crowded today. The Latino mother daughter team from a few weeks ago is here. Both are doing their makeup with the precision and expertise of a Hollywood green room. The daughter has big glass teardrop shaped earrings that could double for WiFi repeater antennas. Mom is wearing a fabulous sleeveless dress, no doubt heading for an all day art gallery opening. Her earrings look like dark red leaves mounted in gold.

Blonde Kathy Bates is here she looks very hip. Her white, Miami Vice like jacket evokes a feeling of retro chic for the train car. She is texting on her hot-pink iCrackerBot as she reads a printout of the list of people she has to fire today because they are costing the Organization too much money, and eating away at profit margins.

Also here are Beau Bridges, Alistair Cooke, Teri Polo, and a young Pele. All are armed.

Happy Tuesday. Safe travels.

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