Thursday, April 24, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago



Good afternoon.

If Comcast is reading this thread, I hope you get broken up like AT&T and the Railroads. Though, given the behavior of the current Congress and the SCOTUS, I’m not so sure my wish will ever come true.

You see, Comcast and Time Warner have overtly or covertly bought off every FCC, Congressperson, Senator and perhaps President that could have slowed or hindered the obvious monopolization of the internet infrastructure of the United States. Part of the reason for the apathy is that the federal government infrastructure is, by and large, independent of the commercial network, though they are, by necessity, interconnected.

The government regulators have given the go-ahead to allow a few, possibly one, corporation, to regulate commercial traffic. Your “choice of internet providers” has dwindled. Your “quality of service”, will be as good as what is available to you in your price range. That price is non-negotiable because no other competitors are available to offer service. The Corporations have gone so far as to thwart municipalities to build their own networks for public consumption, citing unfair business practices. Pure genius.

The way bloggers have their, or at least my, nonsense, will be thwarted. The content you could once freely access is now not free. If the content provider has a conflict with the internet infrastructure company, who could complain if someone within Comcast or Time Warner blocks your URL address? Government will rescue you? The court? Good luck.

Now, as I previously mentioned this isn’t a problem for governments because they have a self sustaining network. Why can’t we use that infrastructure? Clearance. Suburbanite Sam, though he pays for this through taxes , doesn’t have access to this other government network.

Well done America. In forgetting the parables of “Freedom”, and due to generational ignorance and lack of education, you have made us less free.

I’d love to tell you who is on board, but at this point I’m too riled up.

Big Brother, I, Snowball, Ronald Reagan, Sean Hannity, and the Koch Brothers are aboard. They are armed and reading this blog.

God bless america.

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