Friday, April 25, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago




Good morning.

On the 7:30AM into the City. I had to work late at home after a after hours phone call from a client. Didn’t get to bed until well after midnight. Feeling a little sleepy.

Sleepy crowd is here everyone but me has their eyes closed. Is the commuter train authority pumping ether into the cab?

There is a couple sleeping five seats down. He looks like Walter Koenig’s Pavel Chekov from ST-TOS. Whoever cut his hair must not like him very much or was listening to an early Beatles Anthology when our young ensign visited. Very Ringo circa 1964 during the mop-top craze.

She looks like a strung out Shelly Duvall from the Shining. Evidently she hasn’t had much sleep either. Her head is bowed forward at a fifteen degree angle or so. Her djrty blonde staight stringy hair drops messily over her ears. No bangs – just a part just left of centerline. Her face also has a bit of Chelsea Clinton in her.

Doug Stamper is here. He got on board the very nice town stop. The yes man and strong arm to (fictional) Congressman Frank Underwood is in a grey-brown business suit and white shirt. No tie, though I presume he has a few hanging at work. He is wearing black running shoes instead of Florshiems. He’s got a big-faced watch – Bologna or Rolodex or whatever – that looks far too big for his wrist. My tried and true Timex with a simple leather strap looks like I bought it at Disneyland when I was six compared to his large diametered timepiece.

Also asleep, but here, are Jarod the Weight Loss guy, AQ Khan, Christian Slater, Ari Fleischer, Corazon Aquino and Tammy Faye Bakker. All are armed.

Happy Friday. Safe travels.

Weery nice

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