Tuesday, April 29, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago




Good afternoon.

On the 3:18PM out of the City.
I am going to a school board meeting this evening. In a scenario reminiscent of “Waiting for Superman”, both my sons are vying for spots in a new STEM school opening up off of the campus of the local private teaching college. Only eight spots. We would be disappointed if neither got into the school. We would be lottery-winner surprised if both got into the school. But we are dreading if one got in and one did not. She dreads this more than I do. I dread her dread, and the extended, unnecessary discussions that come from the outcome. If only we had identical and not fraternal twins, we could just switch them out week to week and have them compare notes every night.

Nah. That wouldn’t work. That’s just crazy talk. Anyhow, enough of my Morgan Spurlock like issues.

Tia Carrera, the stunning co star of Wayne’s World and other B-list movies of the 1980’s-1990’s, is on the train. How wonderful! As you may remember, both Wayne and Garth took the train into the City to see their favorite band, in which Mike Myers’ Wayne falls madly in love with Tia Carrera’s character, while on the train (or at least that’s how I remember it). Our Polynesian Princess is perusing phluff and phantasy on her iCrackerBot. Her black leather jacket is more expensive than all of the tech in my bag, and that’s saying something.

George Will is here. Another tall, bespectacled Caucasian fellow who looks a lot like a younger version of the die hard Cubs fan and former-conservative now RINO political right. While he was researching his book on his beloved Wrigley Field, Republican Congressfolk are doing the Election Year dance of proving how conservative they can be. To show how well they can conserve, some have actually sacrificed their own reason and logic, taught to them by the greatest minds of UNC, Tulane, LSU, UT, etc., in favor of being stunned that the NBA smacked Donald Sterling but did nothing to that two-timing two faced girlfriend who recorded his every word (on his request). They’re hoping to curry the young ethnic vote in a setup to 2016. Can you tell?

Also here are Forrest Whittaker, Dom DeLouise, Jimmy the Greek, Rachel Ray, and Horatio Sanz. All are armed, for our protection.

Happy Tuesday. Safe travels.

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