Thursday May 1, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago

The 63rd International Venice Film Festival - "Bobby" Photocall mac


Good morning.

On the 7:30AM into the City. May First. The year seems to be flying by already, doesn’t it? I was talking to my children, who feel like time is moving very slowly, like a bike with a flat tire dragging a broken tree limb. I find it moving quite fast. There are forty five things that  I wanted finished by now.

Anyway, I am in a suit and tie because I have to be at corporate networking meetings sponsored by a client-agency. I haven’t worked out since tearing my quad muscle, and it shows.  Now that I’m feeling better, I have to get back into my routine.

Anyway, enough about me. Christian Slater is here. I got a chance to get a good look at him and he definitely is more Lt. Cmdr. Jack Reese from West Wing than J.D. from Heathers. He’s asleep, dreaming about his B-list status in Variety, and wondering if he should finish his HS Diploma.

This must be dress-up-day in the rear quiet car. Lots of men in suits, or at least more so from the regular crowd than I usually notice.
A soap opera star is here. I’m not familiar with that genre of pop culture, but this fellow looks like a daily serial, gossip magazine aging pinup look. He’s graying at his temples but still retains the dark brown color on top of his hair, a lot like JK Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson from the Sam Raimi directed Spider Man movies of the early 00’s. Great jawline. His face is a mix of Mark Ruffolo and MacGyver. He’s even wearing a retro trench coat reminiscent of Mike Hammer or Sam Spade.

Also here are Mean Joe Green, Former PM Tony Blair, a smaller Vincent Pastore, and Jarod the sub eater. All are armed.

Happy Thursday. Safe travels.

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