Friday, May 2, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago

Good morning.

On the 7:35AM into the City.
I did not sleep well. Sick children. I had to sleep in a sick child’s bed across from another sick child, while the usual occupant was in my bed being ministered by my wife.

There’s been a conversation going on the internet about sexual assault. If you have been keeping up with the US news cycles, May is “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”. It is also “Home Schooling Awareness Month”, “Tourettes Syndrome Awareness Month”, and (no I am not kidding) “National Sweet Vidalia Onions Month“. However, in deference to bad-breathed random cursers, some whom I’ve encountered on the train into the City, I’ve been getting worked up about sexual assault.

There are a number of national conversations happening. The President and Vice President of the US have been on the internet and in PSAs with Hollywood stars to remind all of us that “no means no,” regardless of who is doing the saying. Senator Claire McCaskill (R-MO) and Kirsten Gillebrand (D-NY) are having public debates about the UCMJ procedures regarding cases of sexual assault. And, just yesterday, a list of colleges and universities was released identifying those institutions that are being questioned/audited under Title IX of the Education Act of 1972 by the USDoE.

I am hoping to continue the dialog on my social networks. I ask that you start and continue the conversation. Unlike the SCOTUS, I believe the old prejudices and hurts of our society aren’t quite gone yet. We cannot wait for our political leaders to hold our hands. The laws are in place. Our way of life doesn’t, or at least shouldn’t, allow for anyone to violate anybody else. Talking to friends and family, and local leaders is the way to air out the old and move on to better ways of caring for victims, prosecuting offenders, and educating all to curtail the behavior.

Oh. Right.
Also here are Bebe Neuworth, Gloria Steinem, Maria Inojosa, and Henry Rollins. All are armed.

Sorry for the seriousness. Keep talking. I’ll bring my observant mind to the afternoon train home.

Happy Friday. Safe travels.

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