Wednesday, May 21, 2014 – Homeward Bound -trainspottingChicago





I am on the poly-lingual 5:00PM train out of the City. The air is not only humid but also laced with spices and nices. This is the commuter express train out of the City favored by my people. I have named this train the “Indian Express”.

Every state in the Indian Union is represented in this car. The Turban wearing Punjabi, who looks a lot like the eponymous Punjab from “Annie” is sitting up top.

A gentlemen from Karnataka is in SRO and looks like he just came from a University Club social.  He looks like Marvin Hamlisch.

Four men are chatting in heavily accented English, about the mundane – rising mortgage principal, where to get swimming lessons, IP addressing for an intranet at the office – the usual. One is definitely Bengali, another a Tamilian, the third from Madhya Pradesh, and the fourth from Mumbai (UP).

Nobody seems to be talking about Modi! The largest democratic election in world history (by population and voter participation), where the winner doesn’t have to create coalition government agreements? That’s like Dick Cheney running for President and winning, with Mitch McConnell taking the Senate Leadership while John “Day-Glo” Boehner keeps the Speakership! Modi is HUGE!

Nobody is talking about it. The Andhra couple sitting with me in the jump seat are flirting with each other and can’t wait to get home to make babies. The older Telugu woman is on her phone with a family member or friend discussing a potluck dinner and the chicken biryani she intends to make. They are discussing catering the appetizers.

Also here are a Bouvier cousin, Mos Def, Congressman Paul Ryan, and Jack Paar. All are SRO. All are heavily armed.

Happiness to all. I’m off the map until Tuesday. Enjoy the long weekend. Commemorate when you get a minute. Safe travels.

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