June 2, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning.
On the 7:38AM into the City.

Happy Monday to all.
Y’know, I see parables on the social media threads all the time, with wise phrases like “Surround yourself with positivity” and “Cancel your subscription to their peoples issues.” Very kitschy. But, beneath the kitsch lies a bit of truth. I surrounded myself with friends and family and it was joyous this past weekend. Invigorating. You should try it.

OK. Enough about me.

There is an Indian fellow, he looks to be from the Punjab or from Uttar Pradesh, who looks exactly like David Tennant of Doctor Who and Barty Crouch, Jr. fame. Our traveling Gallifreyan is in black slacks, gray shirt, black tie and a very large black leather briefcase with side pockets. Its like somebody took a plus sized pair of heavily pocketed black slacks and retooled it into carry on luggage. Our Doctor Sahib could not be older than thirty. He looks far too serious for his age. The tie is a perfect double-Windsor. I wish I had his neck circumference. My neck feels more like a gasket connecting my head to my torso. Good luck saving the planet from doom, Doctor!

Speaking of pretty, Pippi Longstocking is back. The dancer with the serious face has her considerable coif wrapped in a tight cruller-looking long bun worthy of Princess Leia’s danishes. Her long, defined neck is exposed, leading to a simple collar free T-shirt/blouse. She looks amazed. I say this because whatever she is reading causes her forehead to wrinkle like a sand dune at low tide. She looks like a fuller, healthier and yet more serious  version of Shelly Duvall. I’m guessing she’s a dancer by her stature. I saw her board the train last week and she stands at 5′-5″ or so, but almost glides wherever she steps. Her face and the creases tell me she should be in her mid to late thirties. No earrings. Hmph.

Also here are Phil Jackson, Ben Bradlee, Che Guevara, Tupac Shakur, and the Shah of Iran. Everybody is armed.

Happy Monday. Safe travels.

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