Monday, July 7, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago




Good morning.

On the 7:20AM express into the City. I feel both refreshed and tired from my weeklong vacation/visitation to the Empire State. The break from work was needed, but the driving was tiring.

I think a 30-hour train ride in a sleeper car would have been awesome. Alas, I am only the humble manservant of the family. My decision making skills are left to tactical problems, not strategic ones.

Full quiet car today in the second-to-last compartment. There is a bald fellow, very serious, who looks like a cross between Bradley Cooper and Ben Kingsley, sitting in front of me in the jump seat. He’s reading a softcover of one of the Game of Thrones installments. He’s about midway through the text. A copy of Runner’s magazine is on the bench to his left. The woman on the cover is fit and trim, showing off a sizable portion of her well toned (and possibly photo-manipulated) torso, muscular-yet-feminine legs, athletically supported chest, and a defined neck that would be considered food in the vampire community.

Our Cooper-Kingsley fellow looks strangely disproportionate. His hands are huge, muscular and full of visible health veins. He sits at about six-feet tall, faded jeans, gray linen button down shirt sleeve shirt, gray hoodie. There is no need for the hoodie today, so I’m guessing he’s still protesting the injustice against Trayvon Martin. His bald head is smaller than what I would expect given his height and hands. He doesn’t smile.

Also here are Kirsten Wiig, Mike Singletary, Elvin Jones, and Jason Biggs. All are heavily armed.

Hope you are all well. Happy Monday. Safe travels.

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