Tuesday, July 8, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago




Good morning.
On the 7:20AM into the City.

There is a fellow here that, with the right makeup, could be a perfect copy of Michael Keaton’s Betelgeuse. Our fellow is considerably older than when Keaton took on the roll. He’s got a receding hairline, the remaining hair is cut into a spiky mullet. He’s wearing a mid-life-crisis earring. He’s reading a book or working on a tablet. If I knew his name, and said his name three times, would he disappear?

The commuters from the nicer-town just boarded. One fellow, sitting three stops away, looks like the ’70’s version Gabe Kaplan of Welcome Back Kotter fame. Our friend has a short cropped tight curled afro, bushy black eyebrows and a mustache on a ruddy white face. He’s wearing an olive brown dark suit and tie. A friendly fellow, he tried to strike up a conversation with the Blair Brown looking woman across the aisle, who is dressed in a corporate superwoman suit-skirt. When that didn’t go anywhere, he attempted to chit chat with the Rikki Lake looking woman seated next to him along the window. After a few brief intros, both looked up at me, past my hat, at the “Quiet Car – Rush Hour Only” sign and ceased the conversation.

Has the quiet car inadvertently deprived commuters the opportunity to meet new people? Could Gabe be looking for love in all the wrong places? Questions, questions, questions.

Also here are Cooper-Kingsley (from yesterday), Mike Singletary, Harry Carey, and Jon Hamm. All are heavily armed.

Happy Tuesday. Safe travels.

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