Thursday, July 10, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago



Good morning.
On the 7:20AM into the City.

We just picked up the Pretty People from the Really Nice Town, one stop over, before going express into the City.

I don’t watch much television. I just don’t have the time anymore. I do recall that one basic cable channel was producing a series of programs called “Real Housewives of (enter American City/State here)“. I do believe I see a fan of the program sitting one seat over across the aisle.

Our artificially tanned co-commuter has platinum blonde, shoulder length hair, recently and expertly styled. She stands at roughly 5′-2″ tall (5′-6” in heels). Black slacks, black heels, black half sleeve sweater blouse. She reminds me of a blonde Holly Hunter. The onyx bead necklace is a nice touch. What makes it Real Housewives material is the zebra print vest. Loud and proud. I believe in one commercial for the program, a RH was wearing a similar print as she threw a flute of champagne at her fellow RH and proceeded to – what’s the phrase? Ahh, yes – “open up a can of whoopass” on her. The zebra print in the commercial was the only thing unstained in the frame.

Our commuter – let’s call her Dolly – Dolly is an award winning real estate agent who made her money selling homes to people who couldn’t afford them. After peaking in 2008, she got out of the business, reinvested her money in makeup and online retail stores, and has been living the Cougar life. She is also recently divorced (no ring) but kept everything. To celebrate her freedom from a loveless marriage, she got a beautifully executed nose job and cellulite removal procedure. She’s off to the Magnificent Mile to shop, lunch, drink Chardonnay, cry with fellow Oprah fans about bygone days of the Oprah Show, and scope out single lawyers in their late-50’s.

Also here are Pat Sajack, Saddam Hussein’s body double, Adam Savage, and Cooper-Kingsley. All are armed.

Happy Thursday. Safe travels.

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