Tuesday, July 22, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago


Good morning.

On the 6:55AM into the City. I got a good night’s sleep and decided to get in early.

I am sitting in the rear quiet car, except that this train, though an express, does not seem to fall under the Railway Authority’s rules about a Quiet Car. But, nobody is striking up a conversation. Socialization? Habit? For my psychology and psychiatry friends, this would be an interesting model to study “group behavior”.

I am meeting a headhunter soon. I am looking to see what other organizations or companies would desire my skill set. I have to effectively communicate my skill set on paper. One would think I’d be an expert at upselling my credentials, but at this level of career move, it is best to bring in an expert.

I’m looking around. There is a woman who reminds me of a school teacher. Very June Cleaver. Early HRC-FLOTUS first term hairstyle. Red hair with streaks of gray. She’s wearing a blue shirt and black slacks. Her black Cardigan is tied at the arms around her neck in a perfect double-Windsor knot. Pumps.

For the trip into the City, she has pulled out her leather bound personal organizer – analog, not digital – and an engraved ball point pen. She is finishing her personal accounting for the week, outlining in her calendar when a check needs to be sent, what checks have already cleared, and crossing off the number of days left in her NaKnitCroMo – National Knit or Crochet Month – project. She’s knitting Christmas sweaters for her 14 grandchildren.

Her sitting poise is straight out of finishing school! During the day, she’s a divorce lawyer.

Also here are an overweight Jeremy Piven, Danny Bonaduce with a beard, Mongo from the Oceans movies, and a female Don Zimmer. All are armed.

Happy Tuesday. Safe travels.

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