Friday, August 8, 2014 – Inbound – trainspottingChicago

Good morning.

On the 7:30AM into the City.

I’m scheduling my week for next week and am pleased that I’ll be bringing my sons into the City. We will be heading to the Museum of Science and Industry, where we are members, and participate in a three hour robotics class. Perfect for two nine year olds in the midst of Summer Vacation ennui.

Also, through they have just learned to ride their bikes, and are full on pedalheads now, with the scars and scrapes as evidence, a day of new science discovery is a nice start to the week.

I’m, as usual, in the rear quiet car. There is a Chinese woman who is in her late-forties and in fantastic shape. She is wearing a gorgeous one piece business outfit. White, thigh high skirt, white semi transparent hose, comfortable yet elegant flats. She is a mid level manager or executive. Ignoring the large blue sign facing her and above my head, she proceeded to take a phone call and in a high pitched yet gutteral Mandarin dialect, proceeded to direct the caller to, I presume, fire a bunch of factory staff and dump the defective product into the Yangzhou River.

Now she’s taking a phone call in English. Rescheduling an appointment. Taking an equipment order. The militant quiet car lady in the back, who reminds me of Toby Ziegler’s lawyer in the fifth season of The West Wing, broke rank and yelled, at the top of her lungs “THIS IS THE QUIET CAR!”

Now, Mata Hari is on her third phone call, again in Manadarin. Everyone is starting to get annoyed. I don’t have the heart to tell people what to do. And, reminding her of the Quiet Car rules would only interrupt the play unfolding before me!

Lou Dobbs is here. Its Friday, so the veteran newsman and current moral compass for Wall Street is without a tie. He’s reading a physical copy of Money or Forbes magazine, but is secretly hiding a copy of “High Times” in the centerfold. Heh! The big hippie!

Also here are Bebe Neuworth, Wanda Sykes, Jeremy Piven and Ton Loc. All are armed.

Happy Friday. Safe travels.

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