Friday, September 5, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago



Good afternoon.

I’m on the 3:58PM out of the City. I am sipping a beer as I ride the train home. A rare indulgence. Fat Tire, out of Colorado, and in keeping with my morphology, if you were curious.

I did a rare thing today. I took a photo, earlier, of a co-commuter. It was her hair, which strangely reminded me of 18th Century France during the time of Le Roi, Louis XIV. I have made all attempts to highlight the hair while masking the persons face. Quite frankly, I cannot tell from this distance if it is a later middle aged woman of Mediterranean extraction, or Chief Judge Antonin Scalia in drag. Here’s the manipulated photo.


I love her hair. In the train car, it is the most natural and distinctive visual stimulus available. Well…the first stimulus, at least.

Speaking of visuals, there are two women chatting, some five seats back. The one on my left, aisle side, is very pretty. Probably late thirties, kids in school. Her friend is a bit older, early forties, growing gracefully into middle age. Window seat has bigger cheeks, a larger but not unhealthy frame, curly blonde hair.

Aisle seat is an elf by comparison. Kristen Bell with more angular features and brown hair. She reminds me of an unrequited college crush I once had. Aisle’s aura shines with power and stability. Very cool.

Dr. Jeckyl-Hyde is very quiet. His far right self is probably brooding over the Ukraine-East Ukraine-Russian peace negotiations and how its conveniently happening as President BHO is in the Baltic for the NATO summit. His far right side will perk up saying “the US had nothing to do with it”, while his RINO is countering with ” We have roughly 5% of the US population just two generations away from the Ukraine and the Baltic States. We have military bases within pissing distance of Ukraine’s western border. No, we had nothing to do with that.” He looks out the window, contemplating the sarcasm in his own head(s).

Also here are Benched War Correspondent, young Chuck Norris, Woody Allen, Rosa Parks, Hank Greene, and Ally Sheedy. All are heavily armed.

Happy Friday. Safe travels.

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