Thursday, September 18, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago


Good afternoon.
I’m on the 3:58PM out of the City.

I think John Cleese and Merv Griffin just sat next to me in the jump seat on this crowded train home.

The Python is in full modern-day mustachio-mode, with thinking gray hair, a gray beard, button-down tightly-patterned checkered shirt on a gray background, and black slacks that are too tight in the nether regions. He is not well endowed, or because of age and inactivity,  the whole package as ascended back into his lower torso for safekeeping.

I cannot make much of Merv except for his profile. Blonde with thinning hair, blue striped button down shirt and dark navy blue pants. Big backpack. He is napping uncomfortably, in a “Thinker” pose. His wedding ring is shiny and without blemish, connoting a late marriage or more likely a second or third marriage. Merv got freckles.

Also here are Floyd Merryweather, the Lorax, Corazon Aquino, Robert Blake, and Ari Fleischer. All are armed.

Happiness to you all.
Safe travels.

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